Our Top 3 Recipes with Coconut Oil in Smoothies for Weight Loss

Adding coconut oil in smoothies for weight loss is a secret that lots of fit people tend to have. Coconut oil is great for hormones, it can detox your body as well. Plus, this is also an antiviral oil and it enables you to boost your metabolism and take it to new heights all the time.

Berry coconut smoothie

Placing both berries and coconut oil in a single smoothie may not seem like a good idea at first. But this really is worth it. The value is incredible and you have a very good experience as a whole. You just have to get 5 ice cubes, almond milk, and some raw virgin coconut oil. Add to that some strawberries and then put everything in the blender.

If you want, you can spruce this up and add in a scoop of protein powder. This type of smoothie is very healthy and it can bring you a stellar set of health benefits. The reason why lots of people like it is mostly due to the unique visuals and outstanding taste. On top of that, you can create this smoothie very fast.

It’s one of the best recipes where you have coconut oil in smoothies for weight loss. This definitely shows the unique value you can get from it.

You will need:

Island Dream Smoothie

This particular smoothie includes spirulina, hence the reason why it has a wonderful green color. Spirulina offers plenty of vitamins, as well as iron and other great compounds.

Creating it will require a cup of coconut water and 1-2 tbsp of raw virgin coconut oil. Organic spirulina powder and half a cut of frozen pineapple is also necessary. Then you need to add half of a frozen banana as well as some spinach and ice cubes. Stevia will also add a great flavor, so check it out.

Just like the recipe above, you just have to add everything into a blender. It really is one of the best smoothies out there and it brings in front amazing results all the time. It works extremely well and the value is indeed there.

You will need:

Superfood smoothie

In order to create this tasty smoothie you will need ¼ of frozen blueberries and vanilla coconut milk. Here you will need to add maca powder and raw cacao powder. You will also have to add your favorite greens, protein powder, some gogi powder, ¼ tbsp of vanilla extract too. Lastly, you will have to put some coconut oil and ice cubes! All of this adds up to the perfect combination of superfoods. You get to stay healthy and fit, which in the end does work to your own advantage!

You will need:

Integrating coconut oil in smoothies for weight loss is a very good idea and it helps you retain your health. It also makes it very easy for you to stay away from infections. You get a stellar immune system boost and that is definitely going to pay off very well in the end. Just consider creating these great smoothies and you will definitely enjoy the weight loss boost. You can always vary the smoothie recipes for more health benefits, check them out and see each one suits your needs!