Crystals that can help you lose weight

crystals for weight loss

First, let me just say that just like with any other weight loss remedy, you cannot depend on the crystals alone. They should be used as a tool & support to help give the other magnificent things you’re doing an incredible boost…like watching what we eat & getting proper exercise.

But at the same time, those crystals can be your perfect secret weapon that helps you lose weight by boosting your energy, changing metabolism and starting the detox process naturally.

So, what should you look for?

Amethyst helps to reduce addictive cravings and bloating; these can be quite demoralizing especially when one is trying to lose weight and can’t see the effects due to bloating.

Blue Apatite helps to suppress your appetite so great when you want to maintain a healthy eating plan. It encourages you to eat healthily.

Blue Lace Agate is your “Just say NO” stone for turning down the little extra mouthful when you are not hungry and just fancy picking.

Carnelian will help give you that energy boost between meals. So make sure you hand and roll Carnelian between your palms at this time.

Citrine supports healthy digestion, helps relieve constipation, and improves elimination and detoxification—all-important for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. As an added benefit, Citrine helps you let go of what no longer serves you—whether it’s extra weight or clutter in your life.

And Gaspeite. It has an excellent healing vibration and will transfer the healing power to the person using it. For anyone who has not been eating right, this vibration may help you to recognize the foods that your body needs, to aid it to return to optimum health. If you want to lose weight, wearing Gaspeite is said to help the process along, and you may also find yourself clearing clutter as well.

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