20 Best Detox Teas for 2017

Feeling tired and low on energy? Struggling with weight loss? Or maybe you’re having a hard time falling asleep? If so, it’s time for a detox! These symptoms may indicate that your body is toxic. Over time, the chemicals in the air, food, and personal care products build up in your system. This leads to weight gain, constipation, fatigue, poor sleep, and other health issues. In the long run, toxins weaken your immune system and put you at risk for chronic diseases. Quality detox teas can help reduce toxic load and restore your health. The herbs used in teas boast natural antioxidant and cleansing effects, keeping you disease-free.

Ready to give it a try? Let’s take a quick look at the best detox teas for 2017:

Skinny Mintdetox teas - skinnymint

Start your detox journey with the Skinny Mint Tea! This delicious herbal blend will increase your energy, flatten your tummy, and rid your body of harmful toxins. Made with the purest detox herbs, it cleanses your colon and revs up metabolism. Tested and approved by Kylie Jenner, Jessica Mercedes Kirschner and other celebrities. And it’s our absolute favorite among the other detox teas.

Detox Ingredients: green tea leaf, dandelion leaf, nettle leaf. And if you are curious, you can jump in and read the huge post about herbal teas and ingredients that work the best.


Kiva Organic Maqui Berry Powder

Loaded with antioxidants, this vegan organic maqui berry powder offers both flavor and nutrition. It contains no GMOs or animal-based ingredients and can be used in a multitude of recipes. Rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and minerals, it boosts immunity and fights inflammation. Add to your favorite detox tea, smoothie, juice, or baked goods.

Detox Ingredients: organic maqui berry.


Himalayan Flowery Oolong Tea


Made with hand-picked Oolong tea leaves, this healthful concoction comes from the Himalayas. It’s high in antioxidants and boasts a distinctive flavor. This natural detox tea cleanses your body from the inside out, boosts your energy, and makes weight loss easier.

Detox Ingredients: oolong tea loose leaf.


Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

This antioxidant-rich beverage is made with organic matcha. Loaded with amino acids and caffeine, it relieves stress and boosts brain function.

Detox Ingredients: organic matcha green tea.


Organic Belly Comfort Peppermint Tea

Next in our ultimate list of detox teas this peppermint drink. Keep your digestive system running smoothly and flush out toxins with this flavorful tea! Made with organic herbs, it boosts digestion, relieves bloating, and promotes colon health.

Detox Ingredients: peppermint tea.


Tea Tropics Detox Tea

This natural, caffeine-free detox tea cleanses the liver, colon, and kidneys while energizing your body. Jam-packed with antioxidants, it removes harmful toxins from your system and eases stress

Detox Ingredients: coriander, fennel, cumin.


Dieter’s Green Herbal Tea

This special blend of herbs has been in China for centuries as a natural detox aid. Made with senna, it keeps you regular and aids in body cleansing. Since it’s caffeine-free, you can enjoy it anytime, day or night.

Detox Ingredients: senna, green tea.


Skin DeTox Tea

Your skin is the body’s first barrier against pollutants. Thus, it’s more vulnerable to bacteria and toxins. This natural herbal detox tea fights free radicals, leaving your skin smooth and glowing.

Detox Ingredients: red clover, organic green tea leaf, organic dandelion root.


Super Slimming Herbal Tea

Get rid of stubborn fat and toxins with this traditional Chinese slimming tea with some ass-kicking ingedients if to compare with other detox teas! Made with licorice root, senna, and other ancient herbs, it supports healthy digestion, cleanses the colon, and removes waste from your system.

Detox Ingredients: senna, licorice root, whorled mallow leaf.


Roasted Dandelion Spice Detox

This brand new cleansing formula supports the body’s natural detox mechanisms. Dandelion, one of its key ingredients, reduces fluid retention and cleanses the liver. Ginger boasts a powerful detoxifying effect, improves digestion, and boosts immune function.

Detox Ingredients: organic roasted dandelion leaf, organic clove bud, organic ginger.


Triple Leaf Tea – Detox

Cleanse and revitalize your body with this natural, caffeine-free detox tea! Made with potent Chinese detoxifying herbs, it boosts your natural defenses, supports skin health, and prevents cell damage.

Detox Ingredients: red clover, burdock root, ginger root, licorice root, dandelion root.


Organic Milk Thistle Tea

From all the detox teas milk thistle is known for its beneficial effects on the liver. This herb has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy. Made with organic milk thistle seeds, Alvita Milk Thistle Tea soothes your tummy, relieves indigestion, and helps your body get rid of toxins.

Detox Ingredients: organic milk thistle.


EveryDay Detox

detox teas - everyday detox

This GMO-free herbal formula promotes healthy liver function and helps reduce toxic load in your system. Based on a traditional Chinese blend, it improves the liver’s ability to flush out toxins and waste.

Detox Ingredients: chicory root, dandelion root, licorice root, schisandra berries, organic ginger rhizome.


Detox Organic Aniseed Tea


Featuring a special blend of fennel and cardamom, this caffeine-free detox tea purifies the blood and cleanses your body. Just one cup will energize your spirit and calm your mind. Your digestion will improve too!

Detox Ingredients: aniseed, fennel seed, licorice root, cardamon.


Dandelion Caramel Nut Tea


With its rich, naturally sweet aroma, this herbal tea will satisfy your cravings for coffee and chocolate the healthy way. Chicory root, one of its main ingredients, promotes digestive health due to its high fiber content. Dandelion cleanses your colon and helps flush out excess water.

Detox Ingredients: dandelion, French chicory root.


Cleanse & Detox

Designed for everyday cleansing, this caffeine-free formula rids your body of toxins and purifies the blood. It contains traditional herbs that soothe the stomach and help eliminate waste from your system.

Detox Ingredients: artichoke, licorice root, burdock leaf, aloe vera.


Triple Leaf Tea Ginger


Harness the healing power of ginger and kick-start your metabolism! Made with ginger root, this delicious blend aids in digestion. It’s also a natural cure for nausea and poor liver function. Since it’s calorie-free, it fits into any diet.

Detox Ingredients: ginger root.


Dandelion Superherb Tea

Organic dandelion tea is a natural digestive aid and cleansing agent among the other detox teas. This herbal detox formula promotes digestion, detoxifies your body, and accelerates weight loss. Its mild vanilla flavor will delight your senses and leave you craving for more.

Detox Ingredients: dandelion root


Organic Lemongrass Tea

Made with pure Indian lemongrass herb, this antioxidant-rich detox tea lowers anxiety levels and cleanses the blood. At the same time, it relaxes your body and promotes sleep. Drink it regularly to boost your metabolism and lose those pesky pounds!

Detox Ingredients: Indian lemongrass.


Simply Detox Wellness

detox teas - simply detoxThis caffeine-free organic herbal formula was created in partnership with Bastyr University. Its healing power is backed up by science. Simply Detox Wellness is a perfect choice for those who want to naturally get rid of toxins, enjoy better digestion, and boost liver function.

Detox Ingredients: dandelion root, burdock root, rooibos


Now that you know the benefits of detox teas, try it yourself! A few weeks from now on, you’ll be leaner, healthier, and full of energy!

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