That Moment When a Drink Starts a Revolution

natural detox revolution

The heading is indeed a bit ambiguous. You sure have opened and read it with questions in mind. So, what happens when a drink starts a revolution? Simple! A drink revolution will give you healthier body and mind.

Have you encountered or read the book entitled “Eat to Live: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weigh Loss” by Doctor Joel Fuhrman? According to Dr. Fuhrman, the modern day diet, especially in the first world country is highly toxic and even be deadly. He said that:

a standard diet of American contains 26% calories from animal products and 62% from the processed food…

That leaves just more than 10% of calories from nutritious foods such as fruits, veggies, beans, seeds, nuts, and other natural plant fluids. The antioxidants and phytochemicals amount in the American diet are therefore too low. This, therefore, makes a person vulnerable to chronic diseases.

This is when detoxification and cleansing come in. Well, that term is just the same thing with a similar primary goal- to flush ‘harmful’ chemicals known as toxins out of your body. Natural body detox has no precise description or definition, but it often involves restraining food intake to only pressed juice or drinking mixture of different healthy juices that can eliminate the toxins. It is relatively an easy way of resetting your body while taking in essential nutrients through the intake of antioxidants and phytochemicals rich vegetables and fruit. However, it does not mean you should only drink juices for around two to three days because you will inevitably end up at the hospital. Include it in your healthy diet, and you will surely reap incredible benefits.

Natural body detox will help:

Physical Benefits
The most obvious detoxification perks are on the physical level. Toxins accumulate in your major organs such as stomach and liver. Detoxification helps such areas, leaving it to fully functional again. After completing a detox, you may feel quite ‘lighter’ while having more energy. Since your body will be freed from free radicals, you will have a better and stronger immune system that will protect you against chronic illness such as cancer. Not to mention the minor but truly sought after benefits such as younger looking skin, healthier hair, better breath, and much more.

Mental Benefits
Accumulation of free radicals and toxins also compromise your brain function. That is why you may have problems with concentration, trouble sleeping, and experience chronic fatigue. With natural body detox, all of these problems will disappear. You will likely experience clearer thinking, better concentration, and sleep.

Lifestyle Changes
Everyone wants something good. Detoxification will make you feel better mentally and physically. This is a good feeling that can be quite addictive. Sure, you do not want to go back to the old you and will eventually cut those ‘unwanted habits.’
Engaging into natural detox can be a challenge and quite daunting. But this should not be the case. Find some great natural detox recipes that suit your taste buds. Through which you will not even feel that you are doing detoxification process. All the good things will just come out that moment when a Drink Starts a Revolution.

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