How to detox: the only few rules you need to know to rejuvenate your body

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Knowing how to detox is crucial nowadays as detoxification is a particular health process used to get rid of bodily toxins and waste. The system does it daily to function optimally. It is all part of an on-going cleansing that happens as a matter of course. When you elect to detox, you are supplementing and assisting what the body does on its own.

It is thus important to know how to detox for proper cleanse without any risk. You don’t want to discharge positive nutrients as you cast off toxins. Such a detoxification is fast becoming accepted in western culture as part of natural hygiene, albeit internal. Our organs are the beneficiaries including the skin, kidneys, liver, and colon.

If you want to know how to detox, think of the function of the liver as it filters bacteria in the blood. It also has a role in neutralizing toxins and preparing them for elimination through the kidneys. A personal cleansing will aid this process immeasurably. The liver needs some help from time to time and often is overtaxed, what with the pollution that exists in our environment and the bad processed food we eat.

We can spur the liver on to better functioning when we know how to detox and make this organ more effective. We don’t want to waste to recirculate in the body and wreak havoc with our immune system. Digestive problems are likely to ensue. The at-home detox recommendations are easy to follow and very beneficial. Here’s how to detox:

  • Eat right and eat well. This means at least two portions of greens every day, whether in juice or a smoothie, or a salad or entrée. These are natural detoxifiers and great for everyone since they contain sulfuric elements that support the liver. You can’t eat too many by the way!
  • Drink smoothies to start your day. They should be laden with protein to help with blood sugar levels. Your energy will be higher and your body fat lower. In effect, you are looking for a hormonal balance. You will, of course, always opt for fresh fruits and vegetables and as many superfoods as you like. Protein comes in the form of a powder, or a nut or seed butter that enhances the taste. For some guidelines, you can check smoothie recipes 
  • Knowing how to detox means knowing not to starve yourself in any unhealthy way. A good cleanse will allow you to eat as needed. Mind your hunger signals and respond accordingly. After drinking sufficient water, eat regular meals and even snacks. Your blood sugar will thank you for your efforts.
  • Hydration is vital and that means six to eight glasses every day. It is a natural way to cleanse and remove toxins, and it can also elevate mood and boost energy. Be vigilant about your water intake at all costs.
  • Avoid “allergenic” foods whenever possible as they cause body inflammation. On the bad list are sugar, wheat, alcohol, white flour, dairy, red meat, and coffee. This restriction is for the purposes of the cleanse so you can indulge in some of these comestibles later. But if something doesn’t provide nutrition, why eat it in any case.
  • Whole grains are a definite yes for those who want to know how to detox. This includes brown rice, millet, quinoa, spelt, berries, and buckwheat. Don’t mistake any processed flour, however, for whole grain nutrition. It will cost you normal blood sugar levels. Remember, the body converts starch into glucose at a faster pace when it is not dealing with true whole grains.
  • Be ready for your cleanse and detox mentally and physically. Shop ahead and be prepared. Select a plan and stick to it, being ever mindful of your food intake. Drink plenty of water and you are ready to go.

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