Best Cheap Blenders for a Detox on a Budget

Is it possible to find a cheap blender for a perfect detox? You can always buy a perfect blender at a reasonable cost because there is a big market for those. But with all this variety is getting quite tricky to make the right, so we tried to make it easier for you.

Top 6 best cheap blenders

#1 The Professional Ninja Blender (BL610)

Cost: starts from $81.02  (this and the pricing information below are true to the date of publication)

About: it has 1000 watts power supply, it even has a sleek and powerful design, which is fit for any interior.  It makes any juices or any kind of smoothies within few seconds or minutes, by giving a good quality of output for a cheap blender. It has a special security technology, which doesn’t allow the blender to spin till the cap is tight. It is safe for a dishwasher; every part is fine for it. Get it here.


#2  Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Multifunctional Blender

Cost: starts from $30.39

About: it crushes ice well, without any damage to the blades. It has a multi-purpose jar, not common for cheap blenders, which is great to make mix, puree, dice, ice crush and many more things. The new wave technology gives a smooth output of the liquids. 14 blending functions are the specialty of this blender. It is easy to handle and clean. Reduces spilling and messing around. Helps to have a clean, workstation. Get it here.


#3 NutriBullet Pro 9 Piece Blender

Cost: starts from $ 69.54

About: this is certified and a cheap blender, assembled from refurbished details, all are tested. The best part of this blender is 9 piece nutrient extractions set. 900-watt power motor. The cup can be used for both extracting and storing the juice. It is very easy to use and clean. Get it here.



#4 Black+decker BL6005 Better Performance Fusion Blades Blender

Cost: starts from $ 70.37

About: it is light weight and durable. It can blend almost anything and everything. It has many personalized kind of jars. In this, we can remove the blades and use them as travel cups to carry the smoothies. It helps to crush ice bitterly and make soups or any other smoothies very easily. 1100 watts motor, it even has non-slip rubber feet to keep things in place. It is a very quick and easy process. Get it here.


#5   HealthMaster Emulsifier, Health Master Elite Blender

Cost: starts from $74.99

About:  super body, which includes perfect blending blades. This jar has a large opening, which helps us to put a whole big fruit and blend it at a time. It liquefies the fruit on its own and it has a motor of 1200 watts. It helps to store the vitamins, minerals and such things. It can even make soups, sauces and other things. It can cook food naturally and can even make coffee. Can even make cool food, like smoothies and such. Get it here.


#6 Montel Williams 1200 – 8 Speeds Blending Perfection

Cost:  starts from $89.99

About: it has a very special design, it is a compliment to any kind of kitchen setting. It helps the juices to retain its healthy nature, such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and such. It can make hot food such as soups and sauces. Can even make cool foods like smoothies, ice creams and such. It can be used for wet or dry foods. It has a large variety of blending options. Get it here.