9 Amazing Detox Methods You Should Know About

detox methods

Natural detox, herbs, cleansing diets, as well as fasting programs may seem like modern trends, but the society has used the natural detox methods to clean the body way back hundred years ago. Most of the religions way back then encouraged people to fast as a way of cleansing both mind and body for spiritual practices.

Polluted food systems and toxins, water and air, and most of all, the environment make liver and colon cleansing more valuable than never. To give you a snapshot about natural body detox, here are the nine fantastic detox methods you can try.

1. Liver Cleanse.

Regimes for liver cleansing must incorporate even more chlorophyll and bitter green juices like dandelion greens and wheat grass. One should avoid milk, sodas, and coffees instead opt for the apple juice or even purified water.

2. Oxygen Colon Cleanse.

Among the best natural detox for the body you can try is the seven day cleanse with the use of distilled water, raw or organic apple cider vinegar, and aloe Vera juice. This cleanse efficient and quick way to purify the digestive track.

3. Candida Cleanse.

This kind of natural body detox method is primarily designed to remove the candida from the body by removing all the foods that contain fermented foods or yeasts. That requires avoiding all the forms of sugar, wheat products, refined flours, and the foods that have natural sweeteners.

4. Liquid Cleanse.

This is an excellent way to detoxify the body while maintaining the energy levels. This mainly involves the use of the fresh organic vegetable and fruit juices.

5. Harmful Organism Cleanse.

Many herbs are there that you can take to help kill off the unwanted intestinal inflammations affecting your health. Black walnut hull, wormwood, American wormseed, and cloves help kill the organisms inside the intestinal tract.

6. Toxic Metal Cleanse.

Some people have higher levels of toxic metals like lead, cadmium, aluminum, and mercury within their body. It is advisable to perform two cleanses each year to flush the toxins out of the body to prevent from long term accumulation.

7. Kitcheree Cleanse.

This type of natural detox is one of the ancient Ayurvedic methods. One could eat a super alkaline diet of cooked vegetables, mung beans, spices, and basmati rice. This kind of diet mainly offers temporary relief to the digestive system.

8. Master Cleanse.

This is consists of a diet composed of only freshly squeezed lemon juice, cayenne pepper, organic grade-B maple syrup, as well as spring water.

9. Alkaline or Raw Food Cleanse.

This kind of detox uses uncooked vegetables and fruits mainly combined with a few raw nuts, sprouts, and seeds. This is an excellent way to detoxify the liver, colon, and any other bodily systems.

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